Hospice Bangladesh, in association with Hospice Palliative Care Foundation (HPC), Palliative Care Academy and Platform of Medical and Dental Society, are going to organize the Palliative Care Olympiad 2024.

Participation in the competition: College, Medical College, and University students aged between 16 and 25 years.

Contest Rules:

1) In the online round, you have to answer 40 questions related to palliative care online.

2) The top two scorers will receive a prize of Tk every week 2,000 each.

3) The 25 highest scorers in the online round will reach the 2nd round.

Rules for participating in the online round:

The 1st online round will run from April 15, 2024, to April 30, 2024. Register to participate in the online round. Click the Registration Form

Note: Hospice Bangladesh reserves the right to change, enhance or modify the Palliative Care Olympiad at any time.

Examination Guidelines

  • Only MCQ Questions will be provided in the online round.
  • MCQ Questions will be provided in Bangla.
  • Only 20 Minutes will be provided after starting the exam. Answers will be submitted automatically after the allocated time.
  • As it will be an online round, the internet connection & device setup should be carefully taken care of. No issues will be considered to take part for a second time in the competition.

Registration Procedure:

  • No Registration fee is required.
  • Upon Registration, participants can appear anytime in the exam between 15 April to 30 April 2024.

Rules & Regulations:

  • One student can only appear once in the exam. If more than one submission is found, his/her registration & submission will be cancelled.
  • All the information submitted in the registration process should be valid. Otherwise, the participant will be disqualified.
  • Every participant is subjected to submitting a birth certificate/ National ID card/ Passport verification purpose.

Terms and conditions:

  • Hospice Bangladesh owns rights to all the contents shown inside the competition.
  • All mentioned dates are subject to change based on feasibility.
  • Participant’s privacy will be strictly maintained. Hospice Bangladesh has the right to use the information for Competition & Campaigns.
  • Participants related to the organizing committee of the Palliative Care Olympiad won’t be allowed to participate in the competition.
  • Registration will be cancelled for participants if they are found guilty of any malpractice or lobbying.
  • Hospice Bangladesh reserves the right to make every decision regarding the competition.
  • Every Registered Participant should agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Competition.
  • Hospice Bangladesh reserves the right to make final decisions regarding the competition.
  • The prize will be distributed equally if there is a tie.
  • If any error in any question is found, a grace mark will be allowed.
  • The results will be system-generated & validated with documents. Hospice Bangladesh reserves the right to the final announcement of the result.

Hospice Bangladesh reserves the right to change, enhance or modify the Palliative Care Olympiad at any time.