A person’s story might inspire us, therefore we’re connected to them

Independent living, hope, and contentment are all hallmarks of the senior care we provide, thanks to the custom care plans we create for each person. In addition to providing care, we offer a holistic solution through our in-patient care, specialized clinic, and day hospice programs.

Built to celebrate life

In-patient care is all about defying perceptions of how older adults live or choose to live their lives. We have created a consummate hospitality experience for you to make the most of your life.

Every detail considered

More ‘household’ than ‘nursing home’, our living spaces are the first of its kind in Bangladesh, purpose-built to cater to the different needs of older adults and their families.

Open 24/7

As you grow with us and your needs change, we adapt to provide you with the best healthcare experience possible 24/7.


Patients who can walk or use a wheelchair safely and do not require round-the-clock nursing care can benefit from our day hospice centre.

Patients who can walk or use a wheelchair safely and do not require round-the-clock nursing care can benefit from our day hospice centre.

The day hospice care centre is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Saturday to Thursday  excluding public holidays

At the center, patients communicate with each other and engage in constructive and therapeutic activities with the goal of improving their lives. Our day hospice programs are individually designed for each patient based on his or her unique interests and abilities, and may include, but is not limited to:


Out-Patient Clinic

At our outpatient clinic, nurses and staff provide a wide array of treatments to patients needing special ambulatory procedures.

Pain Clinic

At Pain Clinic, our top and foremost concern are to partner with you to relieve your pain and enhance your quality of lifestyle.

Wound Clinic

If you have suffered from a wound of any size, consider seeking the expertise of our wound-care specialists to provide healing.

Lymphedema Clinic

Lymphedema rehabilitation focuses on teaching patients how to effectively manage lymphedema or secondary lymphedema on an independent basis through intensive one-on-one training.

Rehabilitative Pall Care

Rehabilitation services utilizing the latest in rehabilitation equipment. Whether it’s physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy our goal is to maximize patients’ independence and quality of life.

Psycho-social Clinic

Psychosocial rehabilitation services are designed to assist the client to compensate for or eliminate functional deficits and interpersonal and environmental barriers created by their disabilities, and to restore social skills for independent living and effective life management.