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We believe that the landscape for patient care is going through major transformation. How we care for our loved ones is changing. The process should be simple and flexible so that family members can provide the most comprehensive care with the least amount of hassle. With us on board, the healing process of the patient becomes a worry-free experience.

Our Nurse can help with …

Senior Nurses are able to perform both nurse and patient personal caregiving, whereas Junior Nurse are able to perform patient personal caregiving only.

Senior Nurse

Junior Nurse



  • Remote Monitoring 12hr
  • Junior Nurse Service 8am-8pm
  • Doctor Over Phone 12 hr
  • 1 Video Consultation Monthly


  • Remote Monitoring 12hr
  • Senior Nurse Service 8am-8pm
  • Doctor Over Phone 12 hr
  • 1 Video Consultation Monthly


  • Remote Monitoring 24 hr
  • Junior Nurse Service 24 hour
  • Doctor Over Phone 24 hr
  • 1 Video Consultation Monthly


  • Remote Monitoring 24 hr
  • Senior Nurse Service 24 hour
  • Doctor Over Phone 24 hr
  • 1 Video Consultation Monthly


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Frequent Ask Questions

How are the Hospice professionals assigned?2021-07-25T07:50:48+06:00

Hospice professionals are assigned based on the patient’s condition and requirements. For seriously ill patients an experienced nurse will be appointed according to doctor’s consultation. In normal cases, a nursing aide will be appointed according to requirements. It is of utmost importance to us to ensure that every patient receives quality care and care that suits his/her medical requirements.

If I want to cancel the Home Hospice Package , how will I do it? Is there any minimum time to let you know?2021-07-25T07:50:16+06:00

 To cancel the nursing support, you have to cancel at least with 24hr prior notice

If I am not satisfied with the support of any nurse, can I change? If yes, how?2021-07-25T07:49:26+06:00

Yes, you can change the nurse but it depends on availability. You have to talk with the Admin officer.

Does this initial consultation cost?2021-07-25T07:48:32+06:00

Yes, It will cost.

Is there any initial doctor consultation before starting the service? Will it be compulsory? Why do Hospice recommend the first doctor consultation?2021-07-25T07:47:20+06:00

Yes, Hospice Bangladesh recommends initial doctor consultation before starting service special nursing and Tele-Hospice to guide nurses and other medical professionals to provide best service for the patients. Its not compulsory but it is very necessary to provide good quality service for patients.

What is the difference between nurse and nursing aid?2021-07-25T07:44:24+06:00

Their job responsibilities are same but Nurses are more experienced and capable of handling seriously ill patients whereas nursing aid are less experienced

Is there any agreement before beginning service? If yes , how will it be signed or completed?2021-07-25T07:43:29+06:00

Yes, before starting the service an agreement for both parties will be signed through online or through direct physical meeting

In case of nursing care, what is his/her assigned duty?2021-07-25T07:41:46+06:00

 Nurse will do any patient oriented activities such as feeding, regular vitals check, medicine administration, patient bath, dress change, diaper change etc (NB: Nurse will not do unassigned job such as dress cleaning, room cleaning, cooking food etc)

If I am not sure how can I choose a package for my patient?2021-07-25T07:39:50+06:00

Talk with office admin officials on 09606788889

How can a patient be registered?2021-07-25T06:29:05+06:00

You can register through Tele-Hospice – Apps on Google Play Or through Patient Portal https://app.hospice bangladesh.com  or contact with hospice admin officials on 09606788889

Is your service available for all patients or for any specific group?2021-07-25T06:17:27+06:00

Yes we provide support to those who need it. But our home care nursing support is specially for palliative patients(Patients suffering from different types of incurable or life limiting diseases such as cancer, stroke, end stage kidney disease, heart failure, liver disease, neurological disabilities etc.)

If a patient needs an on-call nurse , on call-doctor visit at home, will it cost?2021-07-25T06:16:28+06:00

Yes, each on-demand service you have to pay the charge.

What are the service charge for different category2021-07-25T06:00:52+06:00

For charge visit following link: https://hospicebangladesh.com/service-charges/

Is there any doctor visit included in the above packages?2021-07-25T05:59:09+06:00

No, there is no face-face visit included. Every month one Video-Consultation with our experienced Palliative Care physician is included in the Home Hospice Package.

What are the features offered in different Home Hospice Packages?2021-07-25T05:58:10+06:00

To know about the features kindly visit following link: https://hospicebangladesh.com/care-home

What are the services offered in Home Hospice Package?2021-07-25T05:46:16+06:00

There are different  categories of service  in Home Hospice Package: 

  1. Hospice Basic Package, 
  2. Hospice Plus Package,  
  3. Hospice Pro Package  &
  4. Hospice Premium Package.
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