Hospice Palliative Care Art Competition 2021

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Tell your palliative care story in a creative way and win the prizes

‘Live Before You Leave’

The competition aims to raise awareness in the community about Hospice Palliative Care, End-of-life care, Death, and Bereavement.

The theme is “Live before you leave”. This theme highlights an important aspect of Palliative Care – allowing people with life-limiting conditions to continue to do the things they enjoy most and be around the people they love for as long as possible. In this way, entries should focus on how palliative care can: Improve the quality of life, help people participate in activities that are important to them, and create opportunities for love, laughter, and fulfilment.

There are many prizes on offer, including:

1st Overall Winner’s Award: prize money: 10,000 Tk.

2nd Overall Winner’s Award: prize money: 5,000 Tk.

3rd Overall Winner’s Award: prize money: 3,000 Tk.

4th Overall Winner’s Award: prize money: 2,000 Tk.

5th Overall Winner’s Award: prize money: 2,000 Tk.

And, Recognizing young and emerging artists: prize money: 3,000 Tk.

Judges will decide winners based on:

  1. A high-resolution photograph of the artwork – so please make sure the photo of your artwork is clear enough to see the detail of your work.
  2. The description of how your artwork fits with the theme (max. 100 words). 
  3. The vote on what will be achieved through your social media or website.

Before submitting your entry, please read the Notes for Participants and Competition Terms and Conditions.

Thank you to all the incredible artists who submitted entries to the 2021 Art Competition.

It’s now over to the public and our panel of judges to review artworks and determine award winners.

  • Voting Open from 20 September 2021 to 5 October 2021
  • Result Publish 9 October 2021


We are proud to present you with the judges for Hospice Palliative Care Art Competition 2021

If you have any questions please contact us on 09606788889, or via email at care@hospicebangladesh.com

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