In-Patient Care

In-Patient Care2021-04-06T09:48:26+06:00

Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life of patients with life-limiting illness and their families through the prevention and relief of suffering. HBD serves end-of-life patients who cannot be cared for at home and require in-patient care. These patients may be admitted for terminal care or a trial of treatment.

Services Provided

Services provided include:

General Palliative Care

  • Relief of symptoms such as pain and breathlessness with oral and subcutaneous medication
  • Management of patients requiring oxygen/ nebuliser therapy
  • Emotional and Psychological Support to help patients and their loved ones cope with the impending death, grief and loss.

Specialised Palliative Care

  • Higher-tier services such as management of drains that require regular medical input, administration of intravenous medication
  • Management of patients with more complex needs e.g. moderate to severe confusion/ delirium
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Frequent Asked Question

Why needs the Tele-Hospice app?2020-11-03T13:40:14+06:00

In Bangladesh, numbers of palliative patients are increasing day by day. Hospitals are overwhelming for acute care and often refuse care to these patients. As the number of patients is increasing, mechanisms that support home-based care need to be efficient. Nursing support at home is expensive for long term. Therefore, Family members need efficient and cost-effective medical services to give comfort to their near and dear ones. Through this app, family member can provide best possible care to their near ones under the strong supervision of “Hospice Bangladesh Team”. By this app patient can benefited by avoid frequent hospital readmission and all supports available at home.

Is this app suitable for all patients?2020-11-03T13:40:58+06:00

Patients suffering from different types of incurable or life limiting diseases such as cancer, stroke, end stage kidney disease, heart failure, liver disease, neurological disabilities etc. are called palliative patient. We only provide our support for those palliative patients to reduce the sufferings and maintain quality of life.

What services are provided?2020-11-03T13:41:41+06:00

It is a mixed of face to face & remote monitoring solution for home care patient including audio call to doctor, Video conference with doctor in special condition, regular follow up, able to see updated prescription, chat facility, Image upload, emergency doctor & nurses home visit, home lab support, instrument rents, Morphine dose and chemotherapy schedule monitoring system etc. Through mobile application and the ‘telephony’ service, we maintain constant contact with patients and their family members. In short, Tele-Hospice is the complete home care solution for a palliative patient.

How can we get doctor in video conference?2020-11-03T13:42:45+06:00

For this exclusive service, you have to make an appointment through the mobile application by clicking sub menu bar “Video conference”.

Is this application having any subscription fee & what is the payment procedure?2020-11-03T13:43:41+06:00

Yes, it has different subscription fee according to different package (Free, Basic, Plus & Premium).You have to pay subscription fee Tk.500 for Basic, Tk. 1500 for Plus & Tk.3000 for Premium category monthly through bKash, Credit Card and Bank account.

Payment is always full in advance and no payment is refundable after paid once. 

What are the differences between Free, Basic, Plus & Premium category?2020-11-03T13:45:14+06:00

To know details please follow the link www.hospicebangladesh.com/tele-hospice

Is it allowed to use the application using one patient ID and password in different android and web application?2020-11-03T13:45:54+06:00

Yes. All family members can use the app using same patient ID and password. It does not require any further subscription fee.

Is it mandatory to have internet access to use the application?2020-11-03T13:50:33+06:00

Yes, you must have internet access to use the application.

Does the app cost?2020-11-03T13:56:52+06:00

No, it has no download fee. It only has subscription fee.

How can I renew the subscription?2020-11-03T13:57:31+06:00

After one month of subscription, you have to pay the fee to renew the subscription to continue the service.

Can I migrate my current package to from one service to another one? If yes then how can do it?2020-11-03T13:58:13+06:00

Yes, definitely you can change your current service plan to upgrade or downgrade according to your need by click sub menu “My Plan” in the application. 

What is the cancellation policy?2020-11-03T14:05:05+06:00

There is no cancellation procedure. It has actually auto cancellation policy. If anyone does not pay subscription renewal charge, the subscription will be cancelled.

What areas does Tele-Hospice app cover?2020-11-03T14:05:52+06:00

We provide the support in all over Bangladesh except face-to-face visit which is only in Dhaka available now.

If forget the password?2020-11-03T14:06:27+06:00

If you forget password, please click sub menu “Forgot Password” and provide your email and you will get the password afterward.

What are the Services offered by hospice?2020-11-03T14:19:01+06:00

Home care Nursing support, Nursing Aid support, Palliative Care Doctor , Consultant visit, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Tele-Hospice, e-Pharmacy, Home Lab support, Ambulance support etc.

What are the service charge for different category2020-11-03T15:42:06+06:00

For charge visit following link: https://hospicebangladesh.com/service-charges/

Is your service available for all patients or for any specific group?2020-11-03T15:43:10+06:00

Yes we provide support who need it. But our home care nursing support is specially for palliative patients(Patients suffering from different types of incurable or life limiting diseases such as cancer, stroke, end stage kidney disease, heart failure, liver disease, neurological disabilities etc.)

How can a patient be registered?2020-11-03T15:46:18+06:00

You can register through mobile application Tele-Hospice Or through web application or contact with hospice admin 09606788889.

If I am not sure how can I choose plan for my patient?2020-11-03T15:48:03+06:00

Talk with office admin officials 09606-788889.

In case of nursing care, what are his/her assigned duty?2020-11-03T15:49:08+06:00

 Nurse will do any patient oriented activities such as feeding, regular vitals check, medicine administration, patient bath, dress change, diaper change etc (NB: Nurse will not do unassigned job such as dress cleaning, room cleaning, cooking food etc)

Is there any agreement before beginning of service? if yes how will be signed or completed?2020-11-03T15:50:19+06:00

Yes, before starting the service an agreement for both parties will be signed through online or through direct physical meeting.

In case of on call nurse, how many hours he / she will be assigned for? If it exceeds what will be charge?2020-11-03T15:51:13+06:00

On call nurse will be assigned for one hour. If it exceeds then for next every hour extra charge will be added.

If on call nurse do more than one task will it cost same?2020-11-03T15:52:06+06:00

 It depends on what type of task he/she will do, it is negotiable.

What is the difference between nurse and nursing aid?2020-11-03T15:53:00+06:00

 Their job responsibilities are same but Nurses are more experienced and capable of handling seriously ill patients whereas nursing aid are less experienced.

Can a home care patient get “Tele-hospice” mobile application support? Will it cost same?2020-11-03T15:53:44+06:00

Yes, A home care patient can get the mobile application support but it’s charge for home care patient are subsided with minimum charge.

Is there any initial doctor consultation before starting the service? Will it compulsory? Why Hospice recommend the first doctor consultation?2020-11-03T15:54:35+06:00

Yes, Hospice Bangladesh recommends initial doctor consultation before starting service special nursing and tele-hospice to guide nurse and other medical professionals to provide best service for the patients. Its not compulsory but it is very necessary to prove a good quality service for patients  

Does this initial consultation cost?2020-11-03T15:55:31+06:00

Yes, It will cost.

If I am not satisfied with the support of any nurse, can I change? If yes, how?2020-11-03T15:56:12+06:00

Yes, you can change the nurse but it depends on availability. You have to talk with Admin officer.

If I want to cancel the nursing support, how will I do? Is there any minimum time to let you know?2020-11-03T15:56:46+06:00

To cancel the nursing support, you have to cancel at least with 24hr prior notice

How can I cancel or change the schedule of visit of medical professionals?2020-11-03T15:57:34+06:00

 Talk with hospice admin to cancel or change the schedule.

How are the Hospice professionals assigned?2020-11-03T15:58:30+06:00

Hospice professionals are assigned based on the patient’s condition and requirements. For seriously ill patient experienced nurse will be appointed according to doctor’s consultation. In normal case, nursing aid will be appointed according to requirements. It is of utmost importance to us to ensure that every patient receives quality care and care that suits his/her medical requirements.

Can nurses do additional nursing procedures during Nurse Caregiving?2020-11-03T15:59:26+06:00

Definitely! However, do keep in mind that for cases extra charge will be applicable.

Am I able to view the profile of Hospice professionals before engaging them?2020-11-03T16:01:10+06:00

Yes, Through mobile application.

How do I book a visit?2020-11-03T16:17:58+06:00

You can request after registration through mobile application Tele-Hospice Or through web application or contact with hospice admin officials 09606788889

Can I request for a specific Hospice Professionals?2020-11-03T16:25:58+06:00

Yes, you can request for specific professionals but it depends on availability. You have to talk with Admin officer.

Can I choose the same Hospice Professionals who has attended to the patient before?2020-11-04T05:18:36+06:00

Yes, but it depends on availability.

How will Hospice professionals get in touch?2020-11-04T05:19:26+06:00

Through the Mobile application.

How can I confirm the identity of my assigned Hospice professionals?2020-11-04T05:20:20+06:00

Upon assignment, we will provide you with the name of the professionals attending to you. All of our nurses/ doctors are required to carry their Basic Government approved certificate, Training certificate and National ID card or Birth Certificate or Passport No to office which you can verify after talking  with office.

What happens if the Hospice professionals cancels on the job or does not show up?2020-11-04T05:21:17+06:00

After talk with admin officer, you will get back your payment.

What happens when the Hospice professionals does not turn up on time?2020-11-04T05:23:58+06:00

Our Hospice professionals are advised to arrive 5-10 minutes before the assigned time slot for orientation by the family. However in the event that the professionals arrives late, you can contact our admin officer. Hospice officials will still be required to fulfil the full hours of service that was requested.

Can I contact my assigned Hospice professionals?2020-11-04T05:26:09+06:00

We are unable to provide the personal phone numbers of our professionals. For urgent matters, please reach our helpline at 09606788889. They will assist in conveying your message to your assigned nurse/ doctors, and vice versa.

What if I need to extend the visit?2020-11-04T05:31:04+06:00

You have to talk with hospice admin officer, payment will be according to the time.

Can I dismiss the Hospice Professionals earlier than stipulated booking time?2020-11-04T05:54:21+06:00

As our professionals have reserved their time to take up your case based on your stipulated booking time, we do not encourage dismissing them early to respect their time.

In the case where you find the need to dismiss a hospice professionals before the stipulated end time of the session, please call our admin officer to seek their advice before sending the professionals away. This to protect you and our Hospice professionals, and prevent any misunderstandings.

If you cancel before assigning the professionals then 50% of total payment you will get back but after assigning no Payment is refundable.

Will I still get charged if the nursing procedure fails (eg. NGT insertion, IV cannulation?)2020-11-04T05:55:31+06:00

It is Negotiable. Usually you have to pay 50% of total charge.

I was not satisfied with a Hospice professional’s performance. Can I reject him/her for future jobs?2020-11-04T05:56:47+06:00

Yes, you can.

How do I arrange my next visit?2020-11-04T05:57:38+06:00

With same procedure as you have arranged for first visit.

Can I cancel or change my appointment date/time?2020-11-04T05:58:49+06:00

If you cancel before assigning the professionals then 50% of total payment you will get back but after assigning no Payment is refundable. To change talk with admin officer.

When will I receive my invoice?2020-11-04T06:43:29+06:00

Except home care bill, all invoice will be advance that is before receiving the service. Home care bill can be weekly, monthly etc.

What is the payment method?2020-11-04T06:45:23+06:00

Payment will be made through bKash, Roket, Debit or Credit card, online banking, Bank deposit and Cash. Details such as your credit card numbers and expiry date of the card would be required when you make the purchase. Hospice Bangladesh DO NOT store your card details.

Our Payment partner is SSL Commerz.

Kindly make your payment within 24 hours of order receipt, or the order may be cancelled. If you do not receive your payment confirmation, do drop us an email at hospicebangladesh@gmail.com

Can I pay in cash?2020-11-04T06:46:09+06:00

Yes, At Hospice Bangladesh Office.

Is all payment advance?2020-11-04T06:46:46+06:00

Except home care bill, all payment is advance that is before receiving the service.

Is advance payment refundable?2020-11-04T06:47:34+06:00

No , Not refundable, considerable in special condition for which talk with Hospice admin officer.

How do I use my Promo code?2020-11-04T06:48:09+06:00

From Patient Portal.

Is it mandatory to provide COVID test of patient before starting the service?2020-11-04T06:51:39+06:00

No, Not Mandatory.

Do you perform covid test of your medical professionals before visiting the non covid patient?2020-11-05T16:00:12+06:00

No as we usually do not provide same nurse/ doctors for covid patients.

If patient party want to perform the covid test for specific nurse or any medical professionals before visiting their patient, who will pay the charge?2020-11-04T06:52:51+06:00

In such case patient party will bear the charge.

Does Hospice Bangladesh provide support for COVID patients? If yes, what are the service?2020-11-04T06:53:33+06:00

Instrument rent and purchase support, video consultation, lab and ambulance support.

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