With an aim to ensure palliative care, the organisation has been providing home services in Dhaka and telemedicine services across the country.

Dr Shahinur Kabir, founder of Hospice Bangladesh, on Saturday said they provide services to patients who have been suffering from cancer, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and other long-term ailments for a long time.

“Maybe they are nearing the end of their lives. May our loved ones be in-care in their last days – with this theme in mind, our organisation started its journey 6 years ago,” he added. He made the comment after inaugurating a virtual conference and cultural program held at the Dhaka office of Hospice Bangladesh. They organised a three-day program centering on the Palliative Care Day on 10 October.

“Everyone will get this service irrespective of their financial condition. We launched ‘Astha Hospice’, a program under the Astha foundation for the unprivileged. Under this program they will get medicine worth up to Tk500 per month along with direct and telemedicine services,” Dr Shahinur said.

Dr Sazia Afrin, chairman of Hospice Bangladesh, told the Business standard, “We have been providing home services in Dhaka since 2013 to patients suffering from incurable diseases. In addition, our service activities are being carried out all over the country through ‘Tele Hospice’ service. Patients will be able to receive some of our services through this.”
She said the organisation is taking an initiative to launch the service in divisional cities very soon.

Farzana Akter, head of operation, Hospice Bangladesh told the Business Standard, “The organisation provides low-cost, high-quality nursing, medical consultancy, instrument support services, home-based lab services and medicine e-stores throughout Dhaka city.”

“We have provided services to about a thousand patients, while Astha Hospice has provided free services to an additional 50 unprivileged patients,” she said.