Aastha Hospice and Hospice Bangladesh has distributed PPE Doctors, Nurses and Health service providers of Pediatric Palliative Care Unit,Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Palliative Care Unit, Delta Medical College Hospital, Palliative Care Unit, National Institute of Cancer & Research Hospital, Shanti Oncology & Palliative Care Unit, Center for Palliative Care, BSMMU, Centre for Woman and Child Health, Dhaka and Hospice Bangladesh. We are happy to be able to provide PPE for the front line workers of health sector.
It is important to protect the health care providers from COVID-19 infection so that they can take care of the ailing population. We want to continue our efforts to keep Medical health care providers safe and healthy. Our heartfelt thanks to all the donors. With your support, we hope to provide more PPE to the doctor at the time of the need.
Aastha Hospice is pleased to announce a free Telemedicine service for COVID-19. Please call if you have questions 09666788887 and want to know if you have a common cold or need further screening.